“Featured Artist” at Artisans on Main, Montague.

Audrey Bunt – “Featured Artist” thru till Sept 22nd! .

The Gallery at Artisans on Main, Montague, has been revolving the painters in a “Featured Artist” exhibit over the summer months and my work will be in the solo exhibit for the coming two weeks. There are all new works in the exhibit at the gallery, and there are some works in the show that  I  have not put on disply before.

One of them is  “Evening Duet”. This painting inspired by a visit to The Lough in Cork, Ireland. Which is a favourite spot of the locals to “go and see the swans”. There is something special to see these graceful birds glide across the smooth water, with seemingly little effort. Trying to capture that grace was my goal in this painting.

Audrey Bunt featured artist, Artisans on Main, Montague

“Evening Duet” oil  on canvas at Artisans on Main, Montague

Audrey Bunt Swans

The Lough, Cork Ireland.


There are also a couple of works from by still life collection. Still life and flowers where my passion for a long time.And particularly – teapots! Could not help but paint them as there was a collection of teapots in my home. At one point there was 68!

I guess it could be said, I painted them till I had nothing left to say.

Audrey Bunt featured artist, Artisans on Main, Montague“Tea with Lemon”
Oil on Canvas 16″ x16″
Audrey Bunt featured artist, Artisans on Main, Montague“Mandarin Tea”
oil on canvas 16″x16″


A by-product of being a painter is watching the sky and chasing clouds, and when I see there is a storm coming, or a rain system moving through,  I am off to catch it,  because the sky is  most interesting after a storm. So one night, due to a heavy rain system going by, I ended up at the old wharf at Panmure Island. It was a glorious sunset.

Consquently this little 8×10, Art of Sunsets #10, which is a more recent painting, has given me an appetite to do a much larger painting.

I think such a scene would not be difficult to live with…Large!!

Audrey Bunt featured artist, Artisans on Main, Montague

Art of Sunsets #10 – Panmure Island.
Oil on Canvas 8’X10″



Audrey Bunt featured artist, Artisans on Main, Montague

So finally, if you are in the Montague area, please do come and

visit the Gallery on the second floor at

Artisans on Main, Water St. Tel -(902) 361-3081