The Workshop Experience with oil paints

Doing workshops is the most rewarding experience I have had in a while. I walk you through the steps of creating a painting in oils. The small intimate group (no more than 5) means lots of opportunity to get one-on-one time with me.  Those who have been say that the day feels more a sharing of like-minded artists, than a class. And that’s great! That is what I was aiming for. We learn and absorb more when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves.

The morning is devoted to my doing a demonstration. Talking about paints, tools and techniques. My step by step process. Then the afternoon is all about getting into painting and having fun with it. Experiencing the actual steps just seen at my demo. Trying it out for yourself.
audrey-bunt-workshop experience


UPDATE two new dates Sunday November 6th and Sunday November 13th.

Two more workshops Sunday Oct 16th (Sold out) and Thursday Oct 20th.

The first two filled up fast. If you want to try painting in oils, now is your chance!

These are comments from artists:

“Wonderful delve into oils with Audrey Bunt….took me into a great place!” Cheryl R.

“I feel I have grown an inch taller in my art today” Lynn L.

“A great instructor and very well prepared” Margaret W.

“I will definitely use it (technique)  in my next art project.” June E.