Workshop for Oils and Creating Landscapes.

It took me a while to figure out how to use oil paints. I had taken a workshop in oils to find out what they were about. Having used acrylic paints, switching over to oils was not as easy as I hoped. But the richness of the colors in oils had me hooked. But I got frustrated at my not remembering that oils stay wet and unlike acrylics where a colour could be applied over another quickly, and I ended up with a lot of “muddy” work. Then about 5 months in of working with oils, a visit to the beach inspired me to paint the clouds I had just seen there. After about an hour or so of painting I took a break. When I walked back in to my studio, I saw what I had just painted  – there it was –  an oil painting worth hanging. I had cracked it !! Clear, clean color. Brushwork with soft and “painterly” edges.

This was the painting.

audrey-bunt-seascape, workshops

Seascape 5″X7″ oil on canvas (sold)

What had I done that made it happen? – I had just returned from the beach and instantly started painting. My memory was fresh with the colours of the sky and clouds just after the rain. Information all lost in the photo I had taken.

It was a small painting, but a significant step forward and I learned a couple of lessons. One: not relying on photos for all the information required to do a painting.  Two: I loved painting skies.

There was seismic difference in my approach to painting after that. I purchased a plein air easel and went out every chance I could.

Audrey Bunt workshops

Painting at Mink River. It was raining….just a bit.

When the weather got too bad to paint outside. I would paint from the car. But it was my studio work that benefited tremendously from these outings. Skies, water, and land were all seen with new eyes. 13139166_1060441454022734_7259568389029807827_n

Seascape #9 11″x14″ oil on canvas (sold)

The process I use is what my workshop is all about. I go through the steps to paint a better landscape in oils. If you are interested in trying oils or struggling to figure them out, this is the workshop for you. There are a couple of spots remaining for Sunday 23rd September

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