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“In an age when noise and activity is difficult to escape, I try to paint “The Moment” with light being the only actor, so that the viewer may find, for however brief a time, a space where no noise or action is required.”

Audrey Bunt

July 27, 2016

Art of Clouds #21- Catching up!

Been a while since I posted, but as some of you know I am the organizer of the Montague Plein Air festival and as the event keeps growing the month of June and most of July, is my time out form my own work to organize the event. So I am busy at the easel …read more

May 15, 2016

Paintings Around PEI

The weather in PEI is slowly blooming into spring and the promise of warmer weather is in the beautiful sunsets we are getting at the moment. With that comes the opening of stores, restaurants, and boutiques for the summer season. I have my work spread around the island and I  will be opening my studio …read more

April 7, 2016

Creating a commission – South Pinette

I am reluctant to do painting similar to one that I have already done. But I was approached recently to see if it was possible to do a painting of “South Pinette”, since the first one was sold. I was actually happy to do it because I really liked that painting and I wanted to …read more

March 9, 2016

The Transition to Painting Mode

Art of Clouds #20 I am doing a ton of marketing research at the moment. I have been reading, listening to podcasts, watching Youtube videos. Eventually I reached information overload. I could no longer absorb anything. Facts, figures, numbers, stats all blending together not make any sense. Then I get to the just “plough through …read more

February 19, 2016

First Question When I Look at My Artwork

The first question I ask myself when looking at my artwork – Is it beautiful? It not about what the subject matter is or how well I have crafted it, because none of that really matters, if it doesn’t make the person looking at it feel that it is something to see and feel joyous …read more


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